Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Recording of Discussion on Software Craftsmanship @ E-VAN 06 April 2010

I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s discussion on Software Craftsmanship with Robert C. Martin, David Starr and Mark Nijhof. Unfortunately Corey Haines and Scott Bellware couldn’t join us due to issues with Office Live Meeting. We’re going to re-evaluate whether there are better alternatives to Office Live Meeting that at the very least provide a cross-platform solution.

For those who missed this discussion, the recording is now available on Vimeo:

Discussion on Software Craftsmanship @ E-VAN 06 April 2010

You can also download the original OLM recording here. Keep in mind that this one will only be available for one year.

We tried to cover as many questions as possible. In case you’ve got some more questions regarding this topic, you can always post them on the Software Craftsmanship Google Group.

Details of the next E-VAN presentation will be posted very soon.


  1. About video chat solution, check out It's flash based, so should be quite portable.