Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Recording of Me, Myself and I on Taking Baby Steps with Node.js @ E-VAN 14 June 2011

Last night I did an introductory presentation on Node.js where I tried to bring across some of the stuff I’ve been learning about during the last couple of months. I do hope that the folks who attended this session actually got something out of it and not consider it a too big waste of time :-). I must admit that I definitely had too much content for a single session (hence the long recording). You can find the slides of this talk on the Prezi website and the code can be downloaded here.

For those who missed it, the recording is now available:

Jan Van Ryswyck on Taking Baby Steps with Node.js @ E-VAN 14-06-2011

The original file that we used for uploading can also be downloaded from Vimeo as well. So you just have to log on (or register if you don’t have an account) and download the original recording in the right down corner. The quality of the original recording is slightly better. It’s also possible to download the original OLM recording here. Keep in mind that this one will only be available for one year.

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