Thursday, 26 November 2009

Follow-up - Recording of Mark Nijhof on CQRS @ E-VAN 18 November 2009

We have to admit that the quality of the recording we uploaded last week wasn’t that great. Apparently, Office Live Meeting did trick us in the end with the resolution Mark used during the presentation. Thankfully, Mark Jennes who is a colleague of mine, patiently recorded last week’s session using Camtasia. We had some issues getting it uploaded on Vimeo this time. The quality of the recording you can watch online is better than last week’s but it isn’t that great either. But you can download the original file used for uploading by just logging in.

Mark Nijhof on CQRS Sample @ E-VAN 18 November 2009

The trick is to download the original file that we used for uploading. So you just have to log on (or register if you don’t have an account) and download the original recording in the right down corner. The quality of the original recording is way better.

So, enjoy!

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