Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ian Robinson and Jim Webber on 20th July

As part of our series of session REST we've been lucky enough to get Ian Robinson and Jim Webber to agree to appear on the E-VAN on the 20th and we're looking for your input to help shape their session. The more views/questions the better so add them as comments or e-mail them to us and we'll aggregate them for Ian/Jim.

As you may know they are writing a book on REST, along with Savas Parastatidis and have also written one of the best articles on REST that you'll find. However there are a range of other related topics that are worth discussing including MEST, Guerilla SOA, ESB's, consumer driven contracts, and business service design so feel free to submit as many questions as you can on these or any other topics by adding comments to the blog entry.

And don't worry if some of these are new to you I've added some links below so get learning :P

Session Details

Monday July 20th (6:00PM GMT)

In France/Germany/Belgium: 8:00PM
In UK is: 7:00PM
EST in the US is: 2:00PM (EST)
PST in the US is: 11:00AM

Attendee URL (Live Meeting)


Here's some great links you might want to look at before the session:

  • MEST - Jim has discussed why in many cases his default is now to consider Web-oriented style of architecture, but when/where is a MEST style (sans-SOAP) still a good choice?
  • Guerilla SOA - See Jim's session at InfoQ, definitely a topic worth discussing particularly as to do it successfully seems to involve bringing in a range of other interesting topics.
  • Consumer Driven Contracts - A very interesting topic and one its definitely worth spending some time familiarizing yourself with.
  • ESBs - This relevant given Martin Fowlers recent post which discusses the misuse of ESBs but you might also want to watch the presentation that Martin/Jim did at QCon called Does My Bus Look Big in This?
  • Service Design - As was discussed on the session with Udi there are some techniques you can use to define large scale business services. But how do we go about defining the boundaries of these business services? Is capability modelling the best approach? Ian has a great post on some of the subtleties involved but it's a great topic, as is taking the output of the capability modelling and building sensible services. You might also want to read this post by Ian and a related one by Jim.
  • Combining REST with Web Services - A topic that was also discussed in the Thoughtworks REST podcasts, so where are Web services still useful? Mixing REST, MEST and Web Services...are projects doing this successfully?

See you on the 20th.

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